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Marriage Counseling Seattle

Welcome to all types of couples therapy at marriage counseling Seattle. We know that many couples have different love languages that leads to hurt and feelings of being unloved when your love language is not met.

At marriage counseling Seattle we help you to figure out your partner's love language and learn how to meet their needs while also getting your needs met. This is extremely important in both pre marriage and post marriage which is why we help in both pre marriage counseling and also marriage therapy.


seattle couples counseling

Couples Counseling

seattle marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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Marriage Counseling Seattle

seattle couples therapy

Have you heard or have you been given the marriage advice “happy wife happy life”? If so, you may be thinking you are trying to make your wife happy but maybe it is not working, or maybe you are not happy in the process.

This is common for couples. It is a difficult task to figure out what it is exactly that makes your significant other feel loved and appreciated by you. And more than likely your spouse is trying to show you love in a way that you do not receive best or a way that you do not recognize because it is not the way you want love to be given.

We know how important it is for each end of the relationship to feel loved and valued. In each session of marriage counseling near me at marriage counseling Seattle WA we make sure to learn your ways of love and make sure that you are both understanding and walking away from each couples counseling session knowing how to give that love.

It is our goal for you and your spouse to feel growth together and unlock your box of misunderstandings together in unity as you begin to understand each other and your love languages.

Why Choose Us?

Does couples counseling help? Why yes it does and we are going to tell you not only how it helps but why you want to choose Seattle marriage counseling. If you take a look at marriage counseling Seattle reviews you will see the love that our clients have for our services.

What do they love so much about couples therapy Seattle?

  • The knowledge that they get during each couples therapy near me visit
  • The hope to a better relationship
  • The understanding of self
  • The growth in self confidence
  • The love and appreciation for their spouse

As you see here in marriage counselling you learn not only about your relationship and how you can help and heal that but you also learn so much about yourself and how to become more self aware and more self confident.

A happy and healthy marriage takes two self aware people. It is a two sided relationship that both ends need to work at. We have been helping and assisting our clients for so many years to become those two self aware people to create a happy and healthy marriage.

Call us today and we will be happy to set you up with an appointment. You will love the difference that you see in your marriage and in yourself after attending and participating in couples counseling Seattle.

What To Expect in Seattle Marriage Counseling?

What we love to create here in couples therapy Seattle is strength and beauty in your marriage and your closest relationship. We see couples be harshly challenged together which has created this divide and this web of issues. We help you to challenge yourself to grow and to learn so that your marriage can do the same; grow, learn and bond.

What is it that you are truly wanting and desiring out of your marriage? Are you expecting to be intimately close all through your life together? It takes a lot of time and attention to the detail to remain intimately close.

With our highly trained and expert counselors you will find that this process will not be overwhelming to you like it may seem without any help or guidance. You will find a counselor that is just right for you as you call us today.

Our therapist will sit down with you and your spouse and get to know you. They will learn what makes you personally happy and what also makes you happy as a couple and how to mend the two so that you are not just focusing on your own personal happiness and you together can enjoy a life of joy.

After seeing our therapists for weeks or maybe months you will begin to see the happiness and joy that you have been yearning to find and to feel from marriage therapy Seattle. You will not only have hope for the future but also the tools to continue on that joyful path in the future to come as well.

seattle family counseling


At marriage counseling Seattle we offer both pre marriage counseling Seattle and relationship counseling Seattle. It is common for couples and individuals to turn to outside sources when there are marriage problems.

Rather you need to turn inward and turn together to look at yourself to work on both yourself and your marriage. We help in both types of counseling to do just this. You will gain much more respect for your partner and learn to overcome habits you may not know you even have.

Premarital Counseling

In premarital counseling you learn to love and look past each other’s flaws before you are married and they begin to bother you and you can no longer tolerate them.

You learn how to communicate so that you understand the point of your partner and learn the correct way in listening. Listening is a key opponent to have when getting married, which will make life much easier

Relationship Therapy

In couples therapy Seattle you will learn how to feel unstuck in your relationship. What causes you to feel stuck in a relationship? It could be an addiction, it could be an issue that is continually unresolved and you go around and around trying to solve it, it could be not agreeing on the way that you parent, or how often you get together with family or friends, or how you spend your finances.

Whatever the reason is for you and your spouse, we will help guide you through the process of weeding out whatever it is that is making you feel stuck.

About Seattle WA

Seattle is a huge city with nearly 4 million people close to the Canadian border. Seattle is home to one popular professional baseball team, the Seattle Mariners. If you love baseball, catching a baseball game is a must do when coming.

We have farmers markets all over, and the amazing space needle. Seattle is a beautiful city with it being near the coast on the west side, you get the incredible seafood, the great aquarium, and wonderful whale watching.

We get a ton of rain here in Seattle causing it to be full of beautifully plush green surroundings. Seattle is huge and booming in the technology and internet businesses.

The cities that are nearest to the Seattle area are these nine:

  1. Bellevue, WA
  2. Renton, WA
  3. Kirkland, WA
  4. Redmond, WA
  5. Mercer Island, WA
  6. Bainbridge Island, WA
  7. Medina, WA
  8. Southworth, WA
  9. Manchester, WA
  10. And Surrounding Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you know that you need couples counseling?

Honestly every couple can benefit from couples counseling near me. If you are finding that you are having struggles in your relationship or you are feeling unhappy or unsatisfied you definitely should be calling to get some couples therapy. The thing you want to make sure of is to not wait before it gets worse. That will make it much harder and will be a longer process. We have many couples who come to relationship counseling even before they are struggling and having issues at all. This assures that they will have the communication and other skills necessary in order to overcome their struggles when they do in fact happen.

Can I come to relationship counselling alone?

Yes. We highly recommend you come as a couple as you will gain the most insight and understanding if you are both there and able to share your perspective and view with the counselor. This will open your minds and you will understand the view of your spouse. We realize that some couples have a spouse that is not willing to come. In this case we say yes it is better to come alone then to not come at all. You will still gain so much that will help you to strengthen your relationship and understanding.

How can I prepare for couples counselling?

In order to prepare these are some steps you need to take. First call us today. We will get your appointment all scheduled so you will be ready. Then it would be very helpful if you decide what you would like to accomplish out of counseling and have some questions that you would like to discuss with the counselor. If you do not have any, we do not want you to stress about this, it will just make better use of your time if you do already have somewhere you would like to begin.

Will it be hard to talk to a counselor?

Our counselors are the best at making sure you feel comfortable. They will never make you talk about things you do not want to talk about and they do a wonderful job to create an open safe space for you to be vulnerable and feel ready and comfortable to discuss these issues that you are feeling unsure, embarrassed, or insecure about. They are the best at not judging you or your situation, so you will not have to worry about the feelings of judgment at all. We know that is a huge factor when people are debating whether or not to open up to someone. This is why we make sure to be non judgmental here

Client Testimonials

We have been coming to counseling for a couple of weeks and have already seen a change. We have been so happy as we have been working together each day to make sure we are feeling appreciated by each other. It is actually working as we both know how to show our appreciation so that the other spouse feels it.

Jeremy Criddle

Our counselor has been so understanding. We have been going through the hardest time in our life and our relationship and she has somehow managed to help us to have the desire to give it our all once again. We are on the path to a mended and healed marriage.

Elizabeth Smith

I love the things that I have learned in counseling! I never knew so much about myself but have really grown to understand myself and the way I treat others, which has been a great eye opener.

Paula Manna

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Are you feeling unloved by your spouse or that they are not using the right way to show your spouse love? It can be hard to figure out how to love your partner in the way they need, especially because it can change so often through different life events.

If so we are ready to help you meet each other’s needs in premarital and marital counseling. We have the best counselors that are willing to go through all the questions and dig really deep in your relationship with you guys to help you to feel loved and in love once again. Do not wait any longer to call us to schedule your first session here at Marriage Counseling Seattle!

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Marriage Counseling Seattle

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